Friday, March 16, 2012

Fuel for the day

So I'm trying to make weight at 132lbs. A little lighter than the usual 135 but nothing crazy. So far so good. I woke up this morning at 138.5 so I'm not only on track but a little ahead since there's still two weeks to go.

When cutting weight basically here's what we do:

Eat small portions.
Cut out all junk food and fatty food, basically no empty calories.
Cut out sugar, salt.
No alcohol.
Eat something every two to three hours.
Drink lost of water.

Here's what I had today:
Nothing like starting the day with a glass of fresh vegetable and fruit juice, with some whey protein thrown in there for good measure

Kale salad for lunch. Added sunflower shoots, kalamata olives, tomatoes and pine nuts.

Pre workout snack: Greek yogurt, nuts and a grapefruit. I LOVE grapefruit!!!

Post workout snack to hold me over while I make dinner. I would have rather had crackers or pita with my homemade hummus but no more in the house so celery sticks it is. Yes yes homemade hummus, yummy!

Finally dinner time: quinoa with bok choy and mushrooms. So tasty.

Have I made you nauseous with how ubber healthy my diet is?!?
It's actually all very tasty and I'm far from starving away all day. Just gotta load up on the water, about 3 to 4 liters and it's all good.
I'm not usually vegetarian but I gave up meat for lent and it's actually been great. Simmer down Red...
I may add more pasta and rice though to bulk up these meals a little.

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