Friday, March 30, 2012

Weigh-in completed.

Done and done.
A whole month of regulating every single thing I eat and drink, every single day. Combine that with training and running 6 days a week, which lead to a whole lot of sweating. And the result?
132.0 pounds. Nice.

How did the whole process feel? Not bad at all, actually. Ok, there was one day this week when I felt on the low side after working out in a sweat suit. Oh. And my stomach was definitely doing some major growling today from not eating or drinking anything. But all in all, it was pretty good. I wasn't starving, I ate really healthy, I felt good and more importantly I reached my goal!
That being said, 132lbs on me, a 5'10" woman is WAY too skinny for me. My cheeks are hollow to the point where I risk biting them when I chew and let's not even get started on my butt cheeks!! They are gone gone GONE! Which btw is NOT a good thing!! Let me put it this way, half way into the six hour drive to Virginia, I was soooo uncomfortable. And I'm wondering why in the world am I soooo uncomfortable... Oh yeah!! I don't have any padding on my butt. Right. I literally had to pull over get my shoulder pillow I use for long flights as padding on my seat to be able to bear the rest of the drive. Ok yeah, that worked fine but I'll just take my natural butt padding instead, thanks. And I'll thoroughly enjoy my bubble butt and not fitting into the 26" skinny jeans. That works just fine by me.

So the tournament starts tomorrow and goes on until Sunday evening. In the morning, we'll find out how many people are in our weight brackets and how many fights we'll have for the weekend. I'm excited!
Time to get some rest and get ready for the real work to begin!

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