Friday, April 20, 2012


I haven't been to the gym since my fight on April 1st. I have to say I've been enjoying having the extra time and filling my belly with all sorts of great and bad stuff but all equally delicious!
But now I'm day-dreaming of push-ups and landing a high kick to a faceless/nameless head. This always happens lol, I can't stay away from the gym for too long. But I also have to devote SOME time to my job. So that's what I've been doing for the past two weeks and will be doing for the next two weeks. Then the fun starts again :)

BTW I watched the video of the fight and I have to admit, it was pretty pretty close. Too close for comfort if you ask me. I have some work to do so that doesn't happen next time. Alright, I'll say it: next time I'm going for the knockout. There. Now I'll have to live up to it lol. great...

MIA 'til the second week of May.
Oh and great news, two of my little cousins told me they started training in muay thai and jiu jitsu! How cool is that? Two adorable 8 & 9 year old girls enjoying martial arts. Loves it! :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

WKA Finals

What a day. What a fight. man oh man...
She was tough. And she came out swinging! I think it took me a good 30 seconds just to realize that she had just landed a flurry of shots to my head. I'm sorry, a flurry of HARD shots to my head. I felt the weight behind her punches and kicks. 11 pounds does make a difference after all.

That was by far the hardest fight I've had so far. I know I have said the other fights were hard fights and they felt like hard fights at the time. But THIS was a haaaaaaaaard fight and I now know what a hard fight means.
I am very happy to say that I was able to not only take the hits she landed, hit her back AND end up coming out on top. I'm not sure I would have been able to do that against a fighter like her 6 months ago. I think in the end my progression as a fighter is what I'm most happy/proud of. To win is great but to be better than you were last time, that's golden right there.

That being said, I am so soar I can't even put it into words. A warm bath, ibuprofen and ice have been my party mates tonight. I exaggerate, I do also have my WAT family here with me,we went out for dinner tonight and THEN I had to go back to soak/medicate/ice myself lol.
I just wanted to share with you all the culmination of all my efforts for the past month.
April 1st, 2012: The day I won my first belt. No April fools here :)