Sunday, April 1, 2012

WKA Finals

What a day. What a fight. man oh man...
She was tough. And she came out swinging! I think it took me a good 30 seconds just to realize that she had just landed a flurry of shots to my head. I'm sorry, a flurry of HARD shots to my head. I felt the weight behind her punches and kicks. 11 pounds does make a difference after all.

That was by far the hardest fight I've had so far. I know I have said the other fights were hard fights and they felt like hard fights at the time. But THIS was a haaaaaaaaard fight and I now know what a hard fight means.
I am very happy to say that I was able to not only take the hits she landed, hit her back AND end up coming out on top. I'm not sure I would have been able to do that against a fighter like her 6 months ago. I think in the end my progression as a fighter is what I'm most happy/proud of. To win is great but to be better than you were last time, that's golden right there.

That being said, I am so soar I can't even put it into words. A warm bath, ibuprofen and ice have been my party mates tonight. I exaggerate, I do also have my WAT family here with me,we went out for dinner tonight and THEN I had to go back to soak/medicate/ice myself lol.
I just wanted to share with you all the culmination of all my efforts for the past month.
April 1st, 2012: The day I won my first belt. No April fools here :)

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