Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It was one of those days

One of those days where things were just not going right. I was having a tough time at work. Everything seemed like a chore, even the simplest most benign things, like a weighty dragged out chore. I couldn't wait for the day to be done with so I can just go home and sit on my couch.
Definitely did NOT feel like working out. This was going to be an official mopping day. 
I stopped at McDonald's to drown my sorrows in a box mcnuggets. As I'm sitting there, indulging in my fried food fix, I overhear a kid behind me saying something about a dentist. I turn around. I'm a dentist btw, hence why I turned. And there's a kid I treated that day. 
"The dentist was nice to me today. You know the dentist at the school? Yeah. She was nice to me".
And there you have it. Instant turn around. I felt better. At least I made one person feel good today. And now I felt better. Didn't want to mope around for no reason so off to the gym I went, had a good workout and had an okay day after all.
But what if I had opted for a healthier meal, as I totally should have, instead of McDonald's? Then I wouldn't have overheard anything. I would have taken my hard day and dwelled on it and kept the negativity going, and probably passed it on to someone else! But it's not because I wouldn't have heard it that he wouldn't have said it, or liked how I treated him that day. 
Well that was an eye opening moment for me, so I felt like sharing. Maybe when I have something nice to say about someone, I'll say it in my outdoor voice next time. Who knows who's listening and maybe I'll make their day. 
Thanks kid.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Look what I found!

I just happened to be surfing the web for muay thai videos and I found the video of my last fight for the WKA finals. So I thought I'd share.
I did mention it was a close fight right?? lol

WKA 2012 Finals

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First day back

So I finally was able to go back to the gym yesterday! Happy happy day :)
Well actually it's like a love-hate thing, where I can't wait to get back to train and where I also dread going because I know I'll be out of shape, gasping for air, regretting staying away so long and casting dirty looks to whoever happens to be teaching class that day lol
Although it's been well over a month since I did any type of real exercise, I felt pretty good yesterday, like I never even stopped training actually. And since Stanley was teaching, he was pretty unaffected by any dirty look I tried to send his way so I basically didn't bother even trying. I guess we Haitians are like that with the dirty looks. You can't bullshit a bullshitter type of thing. :)
It felt good to get the blood flowing, legs moving and get into the muay thai groove. But. I will be skipping advance pads class tonight haha yesterday might very well have been pure fluke.