Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First day back

So I finally was able to go back to the gym yesterday! Happy happy day :)
Well actually it's like a love-hate thing, where I can't wait to get back to train and where I also dread going because I know I'll be out of shape, gasping for air, regretting staying away so long and casting dirty looks to whoever happens to be teaching class that day lol
Although it's been well over a month since I did any type of real exercise, I felt pretty good yesterday, like I never even stopped training actually. And since Stanley was teaching, he was pretty unaffected by any dirty look I tried to send his way so I basically didn't bother even trying. I guess we Haitians are like that with the dirty looks. You can't bullshit a bullshitter type of thing. :)
It felt good to get the blood flowing, legs moving and get into the muay thai groove. But. I will be skipping advance pads class tonight haha yesterday might very well have been pure fluke.

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