Monday, June 4, 2012

Advanced pads class

I tend to think twice before I go to The Wat on Wednesday night for advanced pads class. Especially when I'm not in top shape, i.e. when I've been pigging out on McNuggets and the like.
Most of the time it's a hard class but we can deal with it. But some times... some times boy... Mr. Phil Nurse is in one of his moods when Wednesday night pads class makes you wish you stayed home on the couch and that you're dealing with the guilt of not taking class instead of dealing with the torture of BEING in Wednesday night pads class. And it's not that he's upset it's just that he decided that it's on for that night, that we're kicking up a notch, just because. Probably just so we can prove to ourselves or see for ourselves that we CAN kick it up a notch. Even if we don't want to.
So here's how it happened:

"everybody get a set of pads"

"Right leg"
You kick. I kick. You kick. I kick.
Round 1
I want to die.

"Left leg"
I kick. You kick. I kick. You kick.
Round 2
Am I dead yet?!?

"Alternate legs"
Round 3

Side note: this sucks cause not only am I kicking for a whole round and my legs are tired but it sucks because I'm also holding pads for someone else who's kicking for the whole round. So my legs AND my forearms are hurting. The pads absorb some of the hit but not all of it and I have the bruises to prove it.

"Get a new partner"
Definitely dizzy.
Round 4
I don't care anymore.
Wham. Whack. Wham Whack.
Round 5
"He's tired. Kick faster" He's right next to my ear
"That's it. He's tired. Faster"
Round 6
"Faster. Harder" Wham Whack Wham Whack
No more wishing to die. I'm not upset. I'm just going to do it one kick at time until it's over. It has to be over at one point.

"New partner"
whatever. I'm so past the fact that this sucks that I don't even bother thinking it in silence in my head. My reality is that I'm here and I have at least another three rounds to go, maybe more. So whatever. I'll kick.
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9
Still standing. barely but I'm standing.

"put the pads away"
Alleluia it's over.

I think the take away lesson for this type of class is that the limiting factor is your own mind. I would never want to do this. I would never make myself do this on my own. But it doesn't mean that I can't do it. You have to push yourself past your comfort zone to discover what your real limits are.
Maybe the lesson is that there are NO limits to what we can do, you just gotta keep pushing past them... sigh... Yes that's my mind that just sighed. lol

It took five days for the mental and physical soreness from that class to go away. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?
Bring it. It's on.

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