Saturday, September 29, 2012

World WKA 2012 Final

I apologize for the delay in posting this but here's how the day unfolded yesterday:

The final for Female K1 division at 60kg was between Christina Peteraf and myself.
Now Christina and I are no strangers. We fought each other before, on December 3rd, 2011 to be exact. It was a hard fight for me, she kept coming forward and although I landed what I considered to be many hard hits, she just kept coming, forward and forward.
I won the fight then but I also realized who Christina was: a really tough girl and a good fighter with lots of heart.

So this final was the rematch. My first rematch.
I knew she was going to bring it and that winning was on her mind.
That meant she was would keep coming forward and staying busy, hit followed by hit and by hit, for three rounds. Just forward, forward, forward.

And that is exactly what happened. It was three action packed rounds on both sides. What gave me the edge was that I was cutting angles and making her miss. That and the knees I landed I would say. It was a close fight though, most definitely. I unfortunately did not win as emphatically as I had planned in my mind lol
But I won nonetheless by unanimous decision. I'll gladly take it :)

So... I am now a world champion. Not bad :)

Here's a recap of the week at the World WKA Championships in pictures:

My cornermen
Kru Phil Nurse, my coach, who made it there just just in the nick of time for my final *sigh of relief*. With Brian Crenshaw, who helped me out until Phil made it there.

Phil and Buck Grant, who also corneredd me for my first fight.

Pics of multiple members of Team USA:

A couple of special mentions:

Little Ahmad from Sitan Philly who won the Gold in the Juniors Full Contact Division. Aka "The Politician"

My roomie for the week, Kit, who I had a great time with.

The next generation of fighters. This little one is not even two but he's got the fire in him!

All in all it was a great week, packed with excitement, got some good experience and even a little dose of drama :)

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