Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bday Package for me

Look what came in the mail last week:

Woop Woop!! New Hayabusa 16 oz sparring gloves, a weighted jump rope (with ball bearings that will make double jumping a "breeze" haha yeah right) and a body scrub to uncover the softer side of me... Wahahahahahahaha :D
I am soft inside I am! I am! I promise hihihi

So the scrub I used right away, the jump rope I broke in on Monday... I think I was able to double jump for almost 10 whole seconds! Almost. The gloves fit really well and feel great on but still have to try them out and see if I still got it... I better! hehe

Monday, December 2, 2013

Morning run... Check!

Don't know if I mentioned my daily struggle between me, my alarm clock and my oh too comfy bed... Well this battle has been going on for a minute now and I HATE IT!!!
I decided last week that I will no longer accept losing this ridiculous battle, that I will set my mind to it and get up early, get stuff done at the beginning of the day so I can enjoy my evenings guilt-free. So today was the first day of this new beginning.
Got up at 6am.
Out of bed at 6:15. (That is MAJOR improvement)
Out the door at 6:35 for a quick 2 mile run.
Made a yummy smoothy. Here's the evidence:

Off to work at 8:35 and at work at 9:05. Still late but much much better hehehe
Yup well on my way to concurring this battle yea!!
It's gonna be a great year. Happy Birthday to me!! :)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Run

Woke up to bright and glorious day on Thanksgiving and decided to go for a run. What better way to give thanks for being alive and healthy than to hit the pavement for 5 miles right? It was decisively crisp outside but the sun was shining and that's more than enough to put a smile on my face. And off I went, drove off any heaviness on my mind and in heart by filling my lungs with sun-filled fresh air (well as fresh as NYC air can get anyway). I felt great. Wide eyed and bushy tailed? Yup. That was me.
And then Thanksgiving dinner happened... dun dun dun!! Why do we do this to ourselves?!? I mean don't get me wrong I am grateful for the time I spent with loved one and the delicious food I got to eat but why eat so much??? I felt sick honestly lol
Part of the problem is I'm not used to over-eating anymore, and I'm very grateful for that! Oh boy. Don't miss those days. Needless to say I went for a post-Thanksgiving run this morning to make up for all the extra calories I packed on last night

If have to compare both runs by audio description, yesterday's glorious Thanksgiving run sounded like this: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

and today's sorry post-Thanksgiving run sounded like this:
womp womp. womp womp. pant. womp...
lol for real though. But felt better after it was done, as usual...

Anyhoo. This year I'm thankful for being healthy, for the love I receive from so many and for stepping out of my comfort zone which has brought and will continue to bring much needed change. AND I'm very thankful for slowly having more and more time for Muay Thai again!! :)
What are you thankful for this year?

Friday, November 15, 2013

I love me some Muay Thai!

OMG. It has been over 3 months since I've written on here... Boo to me :(
This makes me sad cause it confirms/reminds me how long it's been since I've really been training. Well that's been more than just 3 months, I feel like the last time I've trained normally was February!! Double booo... Work has gotten the best of me but hopefully it will be worth the sacrifice in the end. It better be! cause this is a HUGE sacrifice ugh!

The good news is I recently have been able to make it to the gym a couple of times and I've also been sharing my love of Muay Thai with a few people in the Bronx. Check it out:

So my cousin, Jai Faith, has a fitness studio in the Bronx and asked me to teach a beginner's Muay Thai class on October 18th to raise money for the American Cancer Society. To which I quickly agreed to, how could I say no really lol.
We had a great time, I grossed them out with my explanations of how the goal of throwing an elbow is to cut the skin between the eyes so that your opponent is blinded by blood and the fight gets stopped LOL! True story though haha Ohe! They had fun, they sweat and did really well with the technique.

We had Beginner's Muay Thai at Jai Fitness Part 2 tonight. There were less people but I was able to show them more interesting combinations, like how to parry and catch a kick, and again they did great!
Yea for spreading Muay Thai love in the Bronx!! haha
Of course it makes me want to get back in the gym to get back in the ring even more... maybe if I click my heels together three times... :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Morning Run

Starting the weekend off on the right foot! Woke up at 5:45am this morning for no good reason. Instead of tossing and turning and indulging myself as I usually do, I actually got out of bed and went for a run at 6:30am. It was so nice outside, it felt like the middle of the day! lol
What always amazes me it that there are LOTS of people who are up at this time of day!! People zooming by in their cars, off to work, heading upstate perhaps, who knows! But they are up and about. Others walking their dogs or hanging out on the corner... Yes I live in Harlem, people hang out in Harlem, I know this but at 6:30am?!? hahaha Y'all go ahead and hang out, I'm going for a run.
I've never been a morning person but I can learn to become one, still deep in the process right now. However, there was a time when I was not a fighter, not eating healthy, not so many other things that I am today... Hope lives!!
Have a great weekend everybody :)

Monday, June 24, 2013


How do you definite normal? Normal would be something that is routine. Something that is occurring regularly. Something that feels natural. Sure, done.

Here's the problem.
What is normal to one person may be completely abnormal to another. One person may eat a McDonald's meal in front of the TV every night, while someone else runs 10K every evening after work. Both regular ordinary people, but each with their own definition of normalcy.

Here's my recent revelation.
Although I've been training in Muay Thai for over 3 years, although my "normal" for the past 3 years has been to go to the gym almost every day, although I have gotten used to running regularly for those past 3 years... after just 60 odd days of NOT training, not training has become "normal" to me. The thought of going to the gym has been feeling like work, like it's hard, like I'd rather not go. After complaining of NOT being able to train for 2 months, now that I can train, I am finding it hard to train, i.e. "not normal" to me.

Here's my question.
Why is it that eating a cheeseburger seems more appealing than eating a hearty salad? Why is that sitting on the couch makes more sense than going for a run? Why is it that the idea of hanging out with your friends on the weekend makes more sense than staying home and studying for an upcoming exam? Why is it that the "fun" thing most often doesn't equate to the "good for you" thing? Shouldn't Good-For-You feel natural? Shouldn't it feel normal? Well wouldn't that be hunky dory? :)

Here's the reality.
No pain no gain. Blood, sweat and tears give results. Period. Show me one olympian who doesn't train. One CEO who hasn't worked long nights to get to his or her position. One doctor, lawyer, PhD grad who hasn't missed a few parties to hang out in the library with his or her books. It's not about the path to success, it's about accomplishing your goal. Do what it takes to get there. Keep your goal in mind and the path won't feel so bad.

Here's the secret.
Salad, vegetables, fruits and natural foods actually taste so much better than oily, fatty, salty and sugary crap. Taste buds just need to get "reset" to appreaciate how good real food tastes. Running feels great, sweating is the best cure to a bad day. The body just needs to get used to be in motion. You need to run past that first mile, jump rope past the first five minutes. You know that feeling when you first start exercising, very early you get to a point where you think "I don't think I can do this anymore". Exercise past THAT point, keep going for a little bit more. Then, it's not so bad after all, you realize you can do it, you start to sweat and then it's alright, it feels good. When you don't feel like studying cause you don't get it. Study and you'll get it and then... it ain't that bad after all to have studied in the first place. Don't have to worry about taking that stupid test again cause you passed it. Winning!

Healthy mind in a healthy body. Be your best self. Set goals for yourself, make them happen and rejoice in the beauty that is your life. Spread the love with all who cross your path. :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It's time

It's most definitely that time. I feel it. I gotta do it. Absolutely have to do it.
Look what my scale told me last night:

Yikes. The couch potato life is over chica. For real, for real.
It is time for me to start running again, training again, not eating those delicious Brookeside chocolate covered acai berries anymore... yuuuuummmmmmmmmmm! NO MORE I say :)

Run. Sweat. Train. Be in close proximity to fight weight (135lbs). Feel good. Look great. Be happy. Yes please!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Note to Self

Not doing any type of physical activity for 2 whole months and then working out for 3 days in a row to get back in shape as quickly as possible WILL make your body angry with you...
and by angry I mean making you feel soar, tight, stiff, that moving is a problem and even sitting is a problem lol
All part of the process. First comes pain and then ultimate relief, like a deep tissue massage. Yes, JUST like a deep tissue massage which I am so in need of for my old dysfunctional body!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Death to the hiatus!

Aaaaahhhhhh... My dear Wat how I've missed you!
So the work related stuff I had to focus on is now behind me since Saturday. It's about time yo! I haven't worked out since April, EARLY April. That's 2 months of not training, not running, not sparring, not fighting, not feeling the adrenaline pumping some life into me.
That's two months of me basically going home every single day after work. I wasn't exactly being a couch potato, I was taking care of stuff. But I still put a noticeable dent onto my couch. And I definitely got used to being home every night. And used to eating cookies and those yummy Brookside chocolate covered acai berries from Costo. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they're addictive deliciousness.

Now I'm not suggesting you get addicted to these but they are an amazing "once in a while" treat. "ONCE IN A WHILE"!!

Point being. I got used to being not in shape. And I was ok with it. It became normal.
So today when I finished work, on the late side, and was ready to head to the gym I thought "Do I really wanna go?" And can I confess? I was actually a little anxious about it. Like, "I don't even know if I can make it THROUGH the hour and a half class at this point." Yup. I tried to talk myself out of going. Crazy right? Why do our minds work like that??
Anyhoo, I got my butt to the gym and I feel GREAT. of course. Plus Phil took pity on me and was light on the conditioning, which was much appreciated lol
It felt wonderful to sweat, to not obsess over work, to be around friends, to do Muay Thai again!!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Missing the gym

So I'm midway through my self-imposed hiatus from The Wat. And it's starting to suck. Big time.
I keep catching myself going through combinations in head and making mean faces in the mirror like I'm about to face an opponent in the ring... Sad and weird. But true.
I miss everything: working out, sweating, jumping and even double jumping. Mostly I miss my muay thai family. Definitely miss fighting and getting ready for a fight.
What makes it worse is that EVERYBODY keeps asking when my next fight is going to be! To which I bow my head, shrug my shoulders and say: "I don't know. I'm taking a break for now"... I HATE IT!!!! hahaha
But like I said I'm halfway through. Focus now and reap the benefits of hard labor later. yup yup. And I will rejoice by pummeling some poor soul with my fists and leg kicks to her head... Ohe!! lol (I have problems... I know :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Healthy eating

I made this soup today and it looked so yummy that I felt like sharing. And I remembered: "I have a blog! Right. I have to share it then"
First let me say that I know I haven't been writing much. That's because there isn't much to write about right now. I'm cutting back on my training to take care of some things for work until June. I will be in the gym tomorrow however. I will be working on my double jumps yes yes...

Back to my soup. Doesn't the kale look so appetizing? Yes yes and indeed it was. Here's the recipe:

Have you been eating something healthy to celebrate the soon to come spring season? Or should I say slow to come spring season??? That's why this soup comes just in time before it's too hot to enjoy it. Bon appetit!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The era of double jumping

So I got a new rope and yes I kept my promise I've started double jumping. And boy this new rope makes double jumping seem like a breeze! haha! Yup just like a breeze, the only problem is it feels like a breeze for 10 seconds! then it feels like I want to die lol

Let me break down the hardships encountered while learning how to double jump for those of you who haven't tried it.
First of all double jumping means for each time you jump in the air the rope has go around twice. So you need to jump high enough to clear the rope both times AND you need to turn the rope fast enough to make it around twice before your feet hit the ground.

Here's the usual sequence of events:
#1 - You don't jump high enough or turn the rope fast enough which causes the rope to slams into your toes. And THAT hurts like a b***h.
#2 - Having #1 happen to you just once makes you never want to double jump again. And every time you double jump you live in fear of slamming the rope into your toes, which, of course, makes you slam the rope into your toes.
Think it and you'll believe it. Believe it and it'll come true. smh. Been there, done that.
#3 - You've had #1 happen multiple times, you've gotten past your fear of #1, as described in #2. You are now able to do a few double jumps in a row and you are ECSTATIC. And by a few jumps I mean like 4 maybe 5.
#4 - Now you think you got the hang of it and you're thinking: "ok. I'll try double jumping for 20 seconds". Seems totatlly doable. What's 20 seconds? You can do anything for 20 seconds. And what's 20 seconds when you're supposed to be able to double jump for a minute? So the bell rings and you're off. You're feeling real good, jumping high, the rope is just whizzing by. Nice. You definitely got this, yes sir.
But you start to breathe heavily. And your arms start to feel tired and the handles start sliding down your hands. It's starting to feel hard, real hard, and you don't want the rope to fly out of your hands (which has literally happened to me, luckily it hit a column instead of someone's face). You feel like most definitely you've made it way past 20 seconds anyway so you stop and look at the clock.
That's when you realize you just made it to TEN seconds. BARELY! and you're totally winded and your arms are soar.
Wow. That was just 10 seconds. How in the world does a minute of double jumping feel like?.. I'm tired just thinking about it!
But I will let you know when I get there. Give me a couple of months, I am well on my way :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I did it

So I did better than go for a morning run finally. I went to the gym for morning class at 7:30am Tuesday and THEN went for a run.
Score :)
Not working that day helped in making that happen of course. It was great though, wish I could make that happen regularly but work gets in the way... stupid work. lol That'll be my reality for the next few months actually, I have to focus on work and making some things happen in my career. So nothing exciting in store for me in my muay thai life until this summer.
But then you can expect me to come back full force and to make up for lost time! hahaha I can'wait :D

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is in sight

Ok I said in sight. Not here, not even in the air, but it's coming.
Went for a 2 mile run just now, got back at 6pm and it was still light outside! How wonderful is that?! very wonderful :)
I haven't trained all week, I've been focusing on work and getting some stuff done on that end. Going for a run woke me up, got the blood flowing, cleaned out my lungs with some crisp fresh air, got my body moving again. It felt great.
Wonder why I haven't gone for a run more often these past few weeks?... Oh right my brain makes me think that it's hard work, that I can't do it, that sitting on the couch is better for me. Why do our brains work like that?!? Make the bad stuff seem desirable and the good stuff appear so hard. The worst part is that it's not even true lol
I feel good now. Will definitely make that happen again this week. Make it a morning run perhaps?!? haha I'll keep you posted on that part. Have a great week!

Friday, February 22, 2013

The end of an era

My jumping rope broke this week.

It made me realize that it has already been 4 years that I've been training at The Wat, almost to the day. Wow. Time has flown by. I've definitely come a long way from the day I first walked in that's for sure!
Ten fights under my belt, countless number of bruises later and I still love it. When I leave the gym I still feel better than I did before I walked in. Can't ask for more than that!! :)
I wonder how many jumps I've put that rope through. Tens of thousands maybe, lol. All I know is, at this point, jumping rope feels like walking. I remember when I first started jumping rope with Royston, one of the trainers. I jumped rope like a school girl at recess haha AND I'd be wiped out real real quick. Now that my rope died, I feel like it's time I step it up a notch.
Now the era of regular double jumping begins. And since I've said it here, I'll have to force myself to actually do it. The idea of double jumping tires me out lol. I can do it but I don't like doing it. But I didn't like jumping rope period in the beginning either and now it's like a stroll in the park.
Ok. When I get my new rope, regular double jumping begins. Done and done.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

long day at work?

umm... yeah. very long day at work. I'm tired.
Do I really feel like going gym? ummm... no.
I should go to the gym. But I really don't feel like it. I wanna go home and veg out on the couch.
No. I have to go and train. Fine, guilt wins, I go reluctantly.
I don't even know if I can survive the hour and a half class, just thinking of push ups is making my head hurt.
Did I mention I had a loooooooong day at work?!

Get to the gym. Get to the gym in a grumpy mood. Chat up a few people I hadn't seen in a while. That's always nice.
Class begins with, of course, jumping rope. Great. Ok that wasn't so bad.
Push ups, sit ups, squats. No biggie either. Repeat 3x. Sweating now, feeling better.
Ended up indeed being able to survive the WHOLE hour and a half class despite my initial lack of motivation.
I turned my frown upside down and traded in my headache for a new-found energy boost.
I'll have to re-read this post next time I feel like crap to remember you don't cure a depressed mood with depressing activities! duh!! lol

Try it for yourself, let me know how it goes :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here's the fight:

So Phil watched it and he said: "You could have won that fight." Then gives me a look. "You should have won that fight".
I watched the fight. And I know he is right. Phil usually has it right. That's why he's Phil :)
This one fight has opened my eyes to a whole lot more than any of my previous fights. When I watch the fight now, I realize how different reality actually can be from my perspective of what happened that night. What I thought was happening, was only a reality in my head... It was faaaar from the truth and reality.
I guess that's why they say half the battle happens in your head. And I've known that but I only truly KNOW it now. Yup, it was an "aha!" moment alright.
lol Remember the old Jewish guy in Coming To America at the barber shop? "Ajaaaaaaaa!!" :)
If you don't, you really need to see the movie again, like NOW lol

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm back

First off, I am so sorry I haven't posted in such a long long time.
I have no reason just excuses. Basically I was unhappy and down that I couldn't get any fights after my tournament in September and just in general in a little low. I got over that during the holidays and really wanted to post but did have much to say so I never got around to it. Again Sorry. If you start something you need to finish it. So no more avoidance from me, promise.

Ok. Now to the interesting things. I was still training and running throughout so basically in decent shape. So when Phil called me this past Tuesday saying there was a fight available for Saturday, yes four days later, I was like... "uh, sure. I can do it". The only problem was the weight, they wanted us at 132lbs and I was at 144lbs that morning. They finally agreed to 137lbs so we confirmed it. Oh and it was for a title fight, four rounds and not muay thai, it was leg kicks. Meaning punshing and kicking but no knees no clinch. Not ideal BUT I had been dying to fight, wanted more experience and didn't know when the next opportunity would show up. So "Yes, I'll do it" I said on Thursday.
So here we are on Saturday, made weight, feeling good. Phil couldn't be there, he had a UFC fight that night in Chicago with Sapo, who won, good job to him!! But Nick, a trainer and pro fighter from the gym came and so did a couple of other people from The Wat.
So here's what I failed to settle in my mind before the fight. I haven't been getting fights because the other girls are not too keen to jump in the ring with me just yet. So when one of them does get in the ring with me, she is going to BRING IT, with everything she's got. None of that muay thai feeling each other out,nope. Just bang bang bang each time she can. I knew this but I did not engrain it into my brain. If you get where I'm going with this, it needs to be a big red flashing billboard in my frontal lobe, present at all time, alerting me to eminent danger coming my way so be prepared to step it UP woman!!
And of course as my dear knowledgeable father mentioned to me, what I also chose to ignore is that people don't take fights with 48 hours warning for a reason. DUH... lol. Your opponent has been preparing for how long again, how many months? and you? 48 hours? yeah that makes sense lol. All good, experience makes you better whatever the outcome.
So we fought. She came out swinging, hard. I felt crowded the whole time, I didn't find a way to keep her at bay. I wasn't moving like I should have, wasn't avoiding shots, just taking them and my shots landed but not as flush I would have liked them to so I didn't feel like I controlled the fight. It was a war for 4 rounds, I stayed in there but with 30 seconds to go she landed a few good ones flush, had me in a corner, I got an 8 count and although I was still standing, I felt so dizzy that I couldn't imagine pushing through the last few seconds with ending up unconscious so I didn't go on. She won the belt by TKO. Her name is Rachel Kendall and she's really tough but we will meet again :)

Here's what I realized: I am a muay thai fighter. And although I can only box or control myself to not knee and fight in a different style, I am a MUAY THAI fighter. That is who I am, it's what I do and it's what I should be doing. I felt like I was playing a card game without a full deck of cards and that is not to my advantage, it worked in her favor. Which is fine but guess what, I now understand I need to defend my own interests and not be so caught up with wanting to be nice. Nice doesn't belong in the ring, we can do nice before and we can do nice after.
You'll understand what I mean next time :)