Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm back

First off, I am so sorry I haven't posted in such a long long time.
I have no reason just excuses. Basically I was unhappy and down that I couldn't get any fights after my tournament in September and just in general in a little low. I got over that during the holidays and really wanted to post but did have much to say so I never got around to it. Again Sorry. If you start something you need to finish it. So no more avoidance from me, promise.

Ok. Now to the interesting things. I was still training and running throughout so basically in decent shape. So when Phil called me this past Tuesday saying there was a fight available for Saturday, yes four days later, I was like... "uh, sure. I can do it". The only problem was the weight, they wanted us at 132lbs and I was at 144lbs that morning. They finally agreed to 137lbs so we confirmed it. Oh and it was for a title fight, four rounds and not muay thai, it was leg kicks. Meaning punshing and kicking but no knees no clinch. Not ideal BUT I had been dying to fight, wanted more experience and didn't know when the next opportunity would show up. So "Yes, I'll do it" I said on Thursday.
So here we are on Saturday, made weight, feeling good. Phil couldn't be there, he had a UFC fight that night in Chicago with Sapo, who won, good job to him!! But Nick, a trainer and pro fighter from the gym came and so did a couple of other people from The Wat.
So here's what I failed to settle in my mind before the fight. I haven't been getting fights because the other girls are not too keen to jump in the ring with me just yet. So when one of them does get in the ring with me, she is going to BRING IT, with everything she's got. None of that muay thai feeling each other out,nope. Just bang bang bang each time she can. I knew this but I did not engrain it into my brain. If you get where I'm going with this, it needs to be a big red flashing billboard in my frontal lobe, present at all time, alerting me to eminent danger coming my way so be prepared to step it UP woman!!
And of course as my dear knowledgeable father mentioned to me, what I also chose to ignore is that people don't take fights with 48 hours warning for a reason. DUH... lol. Your opponent has been preparing for how long again, how many months? and you? 48 hours? yeah that makes sense lol. All good, experience makes you better whatever the outcome.
So we fought. She came out swinging, hard. I felt crowded the whole time, I didn't find a way to keep her at bay. I wasn't moving like I should have, wasn't avoiding shots, just taking them and my shots landed but not as flush I would have liked them to so I didn't feel like I controlled the fight. It was a war for 4 rounds, I stayed in there but with 30 seconds to go she landed a few good ones flush, had me in a corner, I got an 8 count and although I was still standing, I felt so dizzy that I couldn't imagine pushing through the last few seconds with ending up unconscious so I didn't go on. She won the belt by TKO. Her name is Rachel Kendall and she's really tough but we will meet again :)

Here's what I realized: I am a muay thai fighter. And although I can only box or control myself to not knee and fight in a different style, I am a MUAY THAI fighter. That is who I am, it's what I do and it's what I should be doing. I felt like I was playing a card game without a full deck of cards and that is not to my advantage, it worked in her favor. Which is fine but guess what, I now understand I need to defend my own interests and not be so caught up with wanting to be nice. Nice doesn't belong in the ring, we can do nice before and we can do nice after.
You'll understand what I mean next time :)

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