Tuesday, February 12, 2013

long day at work?

umm... yeah. very long day at work. I'm tired.
Do I really feel like going gym? ummm... no.
I should go to the gym. But I really don't feel like it. I wanna go home and veg out on the couch.
No. I have to go and train. Fine, guilt wins, I go reluctantly.
I don't even know if I can survive the hour and a half class, just thinking of push ups is making my head hurt.
Did I mention I had a loooooooong day at work?!

Get to the gym. Get to the gym in a grumpy mood. Chat up a few people I hadn't seen in a while. That's always nice.
Class begins with, of course, jumping rope. Great. Ok that wasn't so bad.
Push ups, sit ups, squats. No biggie either. Repeat 3x. Sweating now, feeling better.
Ended up indeed being able to survive the WHOLE hour and a half class despite my initial lack of motivation.
I turned my frown upside down and traded in my headache for a new-found energy boost.
I'll have to re-read this post next time I feel like crap to remember you don't cure a depressed mood with depressing activities! duh!! lol

Try it for yourself, let me know how it goes :)

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