Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here's the fight:

So Phil watched it and he said: "You could have won that fight." Then gives me a look. "You should have won that fight".
I watched the fight. And I know he is right. Phil usually has it right. That's why he's Phil :)
This one fight has opened my eyes to a whole lot more than any of my previous fights. When I watch the fight now, I realize how different reality actually can be from my perspective of what happened that night. What I thought was happening, was only a reality in my head... It was faaaar from the truth and reality.
I guess that's why they say half the battle happens in your head. And I've known that but I only truly KNOW it now. Yup, it was an "aha!" moment alright.
lol Remember the old Jewish guy in Coming To America at the barber shop? "Ajaaaaaaaa!!" :)
If you don't, you really need to see the movie again, like NOW lol

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