Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is in sight

Ok I said in sight. Not here, not even in the air, but it's coming.
Went for a 2 mile run just now, got back at 6pm and it was still light outside! How wonderful is that?! very wonderful :)
I haven't trained all week, I've been focusing on work and getting some stuff done on that end. Going for a run woke me up, got the blood flowing, cleaned out my lungs with some crisp fresh air, got my body moving again. It felt great.
Wonder why I haven't gone for a run more often these past few weeks?... Oh right my brain makes me think that it's hard work, that I can't do it, that sitting on the couch is better for me. Why do our brains work like that?!? Make the bad stuff seem desirable and the good stuff appear so hard. The worst part is that it's not even true lol
I feel good now. Will definitely make that happen again this week. Make it a morning run perhaps?!? haha I'll keep you posted on that part. Have a great week!

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