Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The era of double jumping

So I got a new rope and yes I kept my promise I've started double jumping. And boy this new rope makes double jumping seem like a breeze! haha! Yup just like a breeze, the only problem is it feels like a breeze for 10 seconds! then it feels like I want to die lol

Let me break down the hardships encountered while learning how to double jump for those of you who haven't tried it.
First of all double jumping means for each time you jump in the air the rope has go around twice. So you need to jump high enough to clear the rope both times AND you need to turn the rope fast enough to make it around twice before your feet hit the ground.

Here's the usual sequence of events:
#1 - You don't jump high enough or turn the rope fast enough which causes the rope to slams into your toes. And THAT hurts like a b***h.
#2 - Having #1 happen to you just once makes you never want to double jump again. And every time you double jump you live in fear of slamming the rope into your toes, which, of course, makes you slam the rope into your toes.
Think it and you'll believe it. Believe it and it'll come true. smh. Been there, done that.
#3 - You've had #1 happen multiple times, you've gotten past your fear of #1, as described in #2. You are now able to do a few double jumps in a row and you are ECSTATIC. And by a few jumps I mean like 4 maybe 5.
#4 - Now you think you got the hang of it and you're thinking: "ok. I'll try double jumping for 20 seconds". Seems totatlly doable. What's 20 seconds? You can do anything for 20 seconds. And what's 20 seconds when you're supposed to be able to double jump for a minute? So the bell rings and you're off. You're feeling real good, jumping high, the rope is just whizzing by. Nice. You definitely got this, yes sir.
But you start to breathe heavily. And your arms start to feel tired and the handles start sliding down your hands. It's starting to feel hard, real hard, and you don't want the rope to fly out of your hands (which has literally happened to me, luckily it hit a column instead of someone's face). You feel like most definitely you've made it way past 20 seconds anyway so you stop and look at the clock.
That's when you realize you just made it to TEN seconds. BARELY! and you're totally winded and your arms are soar.
Wow. That was just 10 seconds. How in the world does a minute of double jumping feel like?.. I'm tired just thinking about it!
But I will let you know when I get there. Give me a couple of months, I am well on my way :)

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