Sunday, April 28, 2013

Missing the gym

So I'm midway through my self-imposed hiatus from The Wat. And it's starting to suck. Big time.
I keep catching myself going through combinations in head and making mean faces in the mirror like I'm about to face an opponent in the ring... Sad and weird. But true.
I miss everything: working out, sweating, jumping and even double jumping. Mostly I miss my muay thai family. Definitely miss fighting and getting ready for a fight.
What makes it worse is that EVERYBODY keeps asking when my next fight is going to be! To which I bow my head, shrug my shoulders and say: "I don't know. I'm taking a break for now"... I HATE IT!!!! hahaha
But like I said I'm halfway through. Focus now and reap the benefits of hard labor later. yup yup. And I will rejoice by pummeling some poor soul with my fists and leg kicks to her head... Ohe!! lol (I have problems... I know :)

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