Monday, June 24, 2013


How do you definite normal? Normal would be something that is routine. Something that is occurring regularly. Something that feels natural. Sure, done.

Here's the problem.
What is normal to one person may be completely abnormal to another. One person may eat a McDonald's meal in front of the TV every night, while someone else runs 10K every evening after work. Both regular ordinary people, but each with their own definition of normalcy.

Here's my recent revelation.
Although I've been training in Muay Thai for over 3 years, although my "normal" for the past 3 years has been to go to the gym almost every day, although I have gotten used to running regularly for those past 3 years... after just 60 odd days of NOT training, not training has become "normal" to me. The thought of going to the gym has been feeling like work, like it's hard, like I'd rather not go. After complaining of NOT being able to train for 2 months, now that I can train, I am finding it hard to train, i.e. "not normal" to me.

Here's my question.
Why is it that eating a cheeseburger seems more appealing than eating a hearty salad? Why is that sitting on the couch makes more sense than going for a run? Why is it that the idea of hanging out with your friends on the weekend makes more sense than staying home and studying for an upcoming exam? Why is it that the "fun" thing most often doesn't equate to the "good for you" thing? Shouldn't Good-For-You feel natural? Shouldn't it feel normal? Well wouldn't that be hunky dory? :)

Here's the reality.
No pain no gain. Blood, sweat and tears give results. Period. Show me one olympian who doesn't train. One CEO who hasn't worked long nights to get to his or her position. One doctor, lawyer, PhD grad who hasn't missed a few parties to hang out in the library with his or her books. It's not about the path to success, it's about accomplishing your goal. Do what it takes to get there. Keep your goal in mind and the path won't feel so bad.

Here's the secret.
Salad, vegetables, fruits and natural foods actually taste so much better than oily, fatty, salty and sugary crap. Taste buds just need to get "reset" to appreaciate how good real food tastes. Running feels great, sweating is the best cure to a bad day. The body just needs to get used to be in motion. You need to run past that first mile, jump rope past the first five minutes. You know that feeling when you first start exercising, very early you get to a point where you think "I don't think I can do this anymore". Exercise past THAT point, keep going for a little bit more. Then, it's not so bad after all, you realize you can do it, you start to sweat and then it's alright, it feels good. When you don't feel like studying cause you don't get it. Study and you'll get it and then... it ain't that bad after all to have studied in the first place. Don't have to worry about taking that stupid test again cause you passed it. Winning!

Healthy mind in a healthy body. Be your best self. Set goals for yourself, make them happen and rejoice in the beauty that is your life. Spread the love with all who cross your path. :)

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