Monday, December 2, 2013

Morning run... Check!

Don't know if I mentioned my daily struggle between me, my alarm clock and my oh too comfy bed... Well this battle has been going on for a minute now and I HATE IT!!!
I decided last week that I will no longer accept losing this ridiculous battle, that I will set my mind to it and get up early, get stuff done at the beginning of the day so I can enjoy my evenings guilt-free. So today was the first day of this new beginning.
Got up at 6am.
Out of bed at 6:15. (That is MAJOR improvement)
Out the door at 6:35 for a quick 2 mile run.
Made a yummy smoothy. Here's the evidence:

Off to work at 8:35 and at work at 9:05. Still late but much much better hehehe
Yup well on my way to concurring this battle yea!!
It's gonna be a great year. Happy Birthday to me!! :)

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