Sunday, January 26, 2014

Loving my scale

3 weeks of eating salad as one of my meals = losing 5 pounds = my pants fit again = no longer worrying about busting my pants open!
feel much better already though work has still been keeping me from my beloved gym. Going tomorrow for sure!!
All is well that ends well. Right... THAT's how the saying goes lol

Monday, January 20, 2014

Check this 81 year old out!

I'm really impressed. But I'm pissed at the very same time lol

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hint hint...

So the Universe is trying to tell me something. It has been trying to tell me something for some time now.
I've felt it.
I've known it.
Of course... I've been acting like I didn't notice. So I can keep doing what I've been doing...
Well apparently the Universe doesn't like being ignored. So it made sure I heard it loud and clear...

What in the world am I talking about it right? lol
Here's the sequence of events:

I haven't been training.
No training means, I'm not in shape.
Not in shape means I gained weight.
Gaining weight leads to the following happening!!

I tore my pants trying to fit in them!!! sigh...
And those are not my skinny fight weight pants. Nope, they're just regular old times pants. And I got them recently so no it's not cause they are old or there is something wrong with them either. Nope nope this is sign to tell me to get my butt back to the gym where it belongs ON A REGULAR BASIS...
It was the plan anyway but apparently I'm not putting the plan in action fast in enough!
OK! I hear you Universe. Loud and Clear.
Thank you for the message and thank you for letting me notice the tear before I walked out the door!! haha

Btw I am not saying I'm fat. Cause I know someone is going to take it in that way and that's not what I'm saying and it's not the point. The point is I'm not where I usually am. I want to stay in shape, being in shape makes me happy, doing Muay Thai makes me happy and that's what I want for myself for 2014.
I want to hear sounds like "BOOM" and "BANG"! And not "Rrrriiiiiiiippp"!! :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

All that ends well starts well... huh? lol

Making up my own sayings here... What I mean to convey is that I ended 2013 on the right foot, which automatically lead to starting 2014 on the right foot! Here is the sequence of events:

#1 I just could not, would not and absolutely did not accept that 2013 would come to an end without going to train one last time at The Wat! No way Jose I said!! So I made it to the 7:30pm advanced beginner's class on the 30th. There was only a few of us so Susan pushed us and we got a great workout, pad work included. I was so happy and relieved to have trained after a year of training WAY less than I find acceptable. Not doing that again...
#2 On New Year's eve I took part in the "Midnight Run" in Central Park with a few friends. It's a 4 mile run that starts at 11:59pm on New Year's Eve, with music, fireworks and lots of people standing out in the cold to cheer you on. Great way to say goodbye to 2013, hello 2014! That is if you don't mind running in the freezing cold in the dark... :) Don't mind if I do actually!
Here are a few pics:

#3 I ended up not working today (I've been working every Saturday lately booooooo!)so today I made it to The Wat! woop woop!! Now because I haven't trained I was seriously considering taking the Total Beginner class instead of the Beginner's Sparring class... Seriously I was like, "do I really wanna get beat up today?..." But when I saw who showed up for the sparring class, I couldn't resist so I stepped up and did the sparring class. Double woop wooop!! It was really great actually. Seems everyone got better and I managed to hold my own.

I looked down at my leg half way through and noticed someone managed to draw blood from my leg. And my right shin is crazy soar... Yup I feel alive today! :)

Conclusion: This year I will NOT sabotage myself by thinking I have no time to train. I will MAKE time for Muay Thai. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Being in shape and happy will create energy for me to accomplish my other tasks at hand.
I'm ready for you 2014. Bring it.
What about you? Have you made any New Year's resolution? Healthy and strong is in! You can do it!!!