Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Interesting convo with Phil Yesterday

Phil: "Oh. Susan is going to talk to you about something."
(Susan is a pro boxer and one of the main trainers at The Wat)
Me: "Yeah?"
Phil: "There may be a fight for you. Sometime in April."
Me: - I give him an intense are-you-out-of-your-mind look, mixed with a hyper-raised eyebrow.
Phil: "It's in April! There's still plenty of much time."
Me: "yeah. so much time... sure. I can barely make it through a beginner's class at this point"
Phil: - Laughs. "Ok ok... up to you but just so you know. It's an all female card".

Great. As if I wouldn't love to be part of an all female card. As if I wouldn't love to get into the ring again, and to get to it soon! I would absolutely love that, I dream of that, routinely!
However, I know how far I am from being in the shape I should be in to even be able to consider it happening. I also know the commitment it takes to get to that point... don't know that I can handle that along with my workload at this point.
Very frustrating but April just ain't gonna happen, maybe for the summer though...

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