Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pads Class last night

So it took some deep soul searching yesterday evening for me to make it to the gym. I really really tried to find an excuse not to go. But I left work on time, I had gym clothes in the trunk of my car and enough gas in the tank to make it to Tribeca. So off I went...
I usually take clinch class on Friday nights but with no rash guard with me, intermediate pads class it was.
When it's been a while since taking pads class, I get a little nervous about just jumping in there again, I have to admit. The conditioning part of those classes sometimes are hard to handle and sometimes the instructor just feels like wearing out your body and your spirit... just because.
So I worry when it's been a while...
We were an uneven number so I paired up with Vince, "the little bulldog" and Alex. Both fighters and both train pretty hard. I'm thinking "great. why did I do that again?" cause they're gonna make me look bad!! Vince just doesn't stop, he just knows forward, forward, forward and HARDER! geez he's great, great despite the fact that he hasn't been training cause he's in college now... When I grow up, I hope I'll be like Vince one day, even if for one day that would be an accomplishment. Really.
Well I should not have worried, cause working with them made my day. We had a great workout, they pushed me to work harder and I pushed right back. It was exactly what I needed: flip the switch ON! Cause it's in there, I guess I just need to stop acting like it's not still there, like I don't know where the switch is or don't remember how to work it...
Putting myself in the right environment (the gym), surrounded with the right people (fighters who just like to hit stuff hard) and it's a wrap.
I want some more of that please!
Coming right up y'all :)

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