Saturday, February 8, 2014

Resolutions in action

Today is February 8th 2014 and this week is the first week that I made it to the gym twice AND got 2 morning runs in. A small step in the right direction of my New Year's resolution to get back into training as would be expected of a fighter. A small step but a step nonetheless. I feel great about it!
I think the most important factor which has allowed me to make that happen is that I decided to stop judging myself when I didn't make it happen. I would be hard on myself and feel bad for not waking up early enough and all the other reasons why I did not train. This negativity would just stay with me and actually keep me from doing things differently. Negative brooding or moping maybe is a better word.
Well I'm done with that. I am being positive and I celebrate the small steps and what I am able to get done. Now positivity surrounds me and I am more productive and feeling so much better.
Did I lose you with my pseudo-philosophizing? lol
Like my good friend Hsini says "Don't think. Just do!". Check!

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