Monday, March 24, 2014

What in the World have I been up to for so long?!?

Sneak Peak:

That's right folks!! I have been working on my double jumping. That was me doing double jumps last Monday for 30 WHOLE seconds. First time ever that I jumped that long!! woop woop!!!
Uhmmmm... wait a minute. When did I start working on my double jumps? I went through my old posts, it was almost EXACTLY a year ago! It took me a YEAR to double jump for 30 seconds?! yeah good job, great job indeed lol
Sure I haven't been training intensely for the past year but still man! haha I'm still happy I can do it though.

The motivation behind this drastic improvement is that on March 19th I was taking part in the school test at The Wat in order to obtain my yellow armband. Comparable to moving up a belt in other martial arts.
So I've been training for the past 2 months with my traning partner Nikki to sharpen my skills and improve my knowledge of Muay Thai to show Kru Phil Nurse that I should get my yellow armband. This is actually long overdue considering that this is my 5th year doing Muay Thai and that I'm a fighter with a total of 10 fights. Yes I've been avoiding it, was not looking forward to ANOTHER test in my life but I'm glad I finally did it.

The day of the test I successfully completed 30 seconds of double jumps.
Phil then asked me to do 45 seconds. I took a deep breath and started jumping.
I was feeling good and had a good rhythm.
I felt confident about getting to the 45 seconds without missing.
Started breathing heavily at 35 seconds.
A few seconds later I caught my toes with the rope... AAAARRGGGhhhhhh...
So close. Phil later told me I messed up at 43 seconds. Can you belive that? 2 seconds short.
Oh well, that was still the longest I have ever been able to do.
I'm aiming to do a minute, which is what I should be able to do as a fighter.
Just give me another year or so :)

Nikki and I after the test

All the students who were testing with Phil and Kamuti