Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Who ran this week?

Tens of thousands of people ran the Boston Marathon this past Monday

People who run marathons really impress me. How do you get up one morning and say "I feel like running 26 miles! I'm going to do a marathon!" It impresses me cause I am NOT one of those people lol. Well so far anyway. And when I drive somewhere for 26 miles, I think "that's how far I'd have to run to complete a marathon?!?!" and there's just no way... I am just not one of those people.
But then tens of thousands of people run a marathon and there are marathons happening all around the world all the time. I bet a few of the marathoners did not see themselves as "one of those people" at one point in their lives. I bet they started running just a few miles a couple of times a week. And struggled doing it too. Until one day they started to believe that they could do it. Until someone encouraged them to do their first 10K race. Until they saw themselves at the start line of their first marathon. And eventually crossed the finish line.

Be Boston Strong. One small step at a time.
I ran a couple of miles on Sunday, a couple of miles Tuesday and I'll run tomorrow. #smallstepscount

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Passed :)

After Phil wanting me to take this test for at least 2 years, after him being disappointed that I kept putting it off time after time, he finally found a tricky sneaky way to guilt me into doing it without appearing to guilt me into anything... in true Phil Nurse manner. So after all of that, it is done. I am officially no longer a beginner! haha...

My prized yellow armband.
Now if I can get belt this year, whatever the color, white, yellow, green, black... that would make this year complete!