Monday, September 1, 2014

Blog? I have one of those? for real?!?

Hey y'all.
So this week is the week that I have said "enough is enough!". Enough hiding behind my work, enough ignoring what I have to do, what I know I must accomplish and feeling down about not actually doing it. Cause if I don't get to it right right now, surely I will die!
At least mentally and emotionally it would be the end of my half a** motivation. So it's kick it into full gear now or keep stalling indefinitely...
So enough I said! I'll live my life like I drive: full speed! :)

I am bizack. Ran three times this week. Even got a 5 mile jog in, for the first time in who remembers how long, this morning. Was it fun? Umm... not quite. Today was so hot it hardly feels like the first day of September and I'll blame the heat for the heaviness in my legs, in my arms and the cramp I got half way through in my abdomen. Felt good a little/not so little while after it was all over hehe
So here's the plan: Wake up earlier, get at least 3 runs in each week, be more productive at work so that I relieve myself of feeling guilty for going to the gym at the very least twice a week. Feasible? Very much so, yes yes!
Reading a book called "Getting Things Done" by David Allen which is helping with the organizational part of being more productive at work, i.e. the first step to freeing myself from unnecessary mental burdens.
If you dont' hear from me soon then I didn't yell "enough is enough!" loudly or convincingly enough lol
Talk to y'all soon! Promise, cause I mean it this time!!!! L.

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