Saturday, September 6, 2014

Weekly Update #1

Here's my progress so far:

Runs: 2 so far. The first miserable in the pounding heat, the other much more enjoyable under light rain. Plus when I run tomorrow that'll be 3 for the week. So on track.
Gym Workouts: 1. BUT! I will pointout that I went to a MORNING class so really that's like double the effort and should count as one and a half! lol
Positives: The quality of my last run was WAY better than any of my recent runs. I can actually call it a run as opposed to a lame jog.
Negatives: Told Phil I was definitely making it to clinch class on Tuesday but didn't make it at all. boo. Work so gets in the way man...

Summary: Off to a decent start :)

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