Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What is Muay Thai?

More specifically, what is Muay Thai at The Wat? Watc and find out the hype is all about! :)

Oh. And yours truly at 1:57 happily and successfully double jumping :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Not there yet...

Made it to the gym today. Yes! YESSS!!
Ran the bridges before I trained, Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn back accross the Manhattan Bridge. I've ran that route SO many many many times. But such a long time ago, it felt like distant memory though it used to be routine. There's nothing like running and seeing the NYC skyline, just never gets old. Definitely more scenic than my runs in Harlem though both get the job done and the latter route has the benefit of having ZERO tourists getting in my way... ahh NYC tourists... Love that you guys are here but you're slowing me down man! lol I've been here too long.

While I was training I got to see the kids who started training at The Wat. Little itsy bitsy munchkins with itsby bitsy munchkin gloves hitting pads with a jab cross, right kick and learning how to block... So cute! Impossibly cute really. I wish I could have started at that age! If I hadn't been so darn prissy. I asked my parents a couple of years ago how come they hadn't signed me up for martial arts when I was a kid, my brother did judo so why didn't I do it too?! My dad just burst out laughing... Roared actually lol.
He said: "You? haha. You didn't want anyone to touch you! You were always scared to get hurt and when we asked you if you wanted to try judo, you made a face and said no." He mimicked me saying no in a very prissy way... since when do they listen to what I said anyway? But that time they listened, great... I did not recall this conversation btw, but was I surprised? uhm no. lol had to laugh about it myself.

So here's the update: week 3: ran a measly single time and did not make it to the gym at all. boo.
Week 4: Ran 3 times and hit the gym once. getting closer and closer.

If you've made it this far to the end of the post, I'll ask for a favor. I am hoping to get 250 votes for my office, Open Bright Pediatric Dentistry, to be considered for a grant by Chase to help in the opening of our new location in Harlem. We are almost there! 95 votes to go, please take a second to help us get there. Many thanks!!