Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not admiting defeat yet...

Work has definitely had the best of me for the past what? year and a half pretty much? Sounds about right.
If this were a regular fight the ref would have most def called it and not been impressed by the few miserable attempts to stay in the fight. Referring to the rare and sporadic times I managed to make it to the gym to keep my hope of having muay thai alive in my life. Let me very clear here regarding how little I have been able to train recently:
I bought a 10 class package on May 12th.
I still have one class left today.
Pathetic. I have taken 9 classes in SIX MONTHS!! how so very very sad. smh... Breathe in, breathe out, let it go. ommmhhhhhhh
Well this ain't no regular fight, it's the ultimate fight prior to the UFC's and it's rules and regulations so it's far from over baby :)

Since worked has been legitimaly whooping my behind, I managed to take off for a week so I can press the RESET button and come back to a different phase, a phase and space where I have balance in my life. I am happy to say I ran twice last week AND went to the gym on Friday. Got a great workout in and saw all my peeps. It was the school fights at The Wat on Friday with lots of people getting their first go into the ring, like my girl Althea who is pure wisdom, resilience and inspiration. Also saw Chris Tran from Weapons 9 who brought in a few fighters. Chris organizes awesome fights in NJ and of course he asked me if I was training again. I wasn't able to tell him yes this time but wait for me Chris, I will be soon enough!

So off I went and landed in heaven:
Blogging in good company.

I will relax, recharge, get centered, feel at peace with nature and come back ready for the next and better phase.

Time to run, gotta get ready for my 2nd surf lesson!!

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