Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year!!

2015, I sure am glad that you are here! cause 2014 was not my year in terms of Muay Thai. epic fail it sure was.
The New Year is here and I am committed to not repeating old mistakes and bad habits. :)
And so I went for a run in the brisk NYC weather yesterday morning, it felt great. Until a virus caught up with me and kept me in bed until today. boo.
Bah no harm done, almost back to normal though I lost 6lbs in the process. Uhmm not a desirable way to lose weight in case you were wondering. Not at all, ewww. That's all I'll say about that.
So I closed out 2014 by going to a regular gym 2 weeks ago after missing class at The Wat. Did 4 miles on the treadmill and struggled to find what speed to select, which incline to input and how long I could run. I kept fussing with the settings for most of the run but got through it. Meanwhile this old dude was having ball on his elliptical, working up a sweat, pumping his arms around and singing about staying in shape. I was impressed with his self-motivation for sure.
On my way home I had to text Phil to let him know that I thought his gym is the best gym in the whole wide world! which of course it is if you love Muay Thai like I do.
I also brought my niece to the gym so the next generation in the fam gets to maybe love Muay Thai as well.
She learned the following with the other kids:
#1 Jab
#2 Cross
#3 Jab Cross
#4 Left Hook
#5 Left Uppercut
She had fun though I wouldn't call it love for Muay Thai. Not yet anyway! ;)
Happy New Year everybody!!
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