Sunday, May 15, 2016

Recap of past month

I've been meaning to post on the regular but time just hasn't been staying still long enough for me to get it together yet. So here's the recap of the past 4 weeks:

- I've been training almost daily. Woohoo!
- Getting a run in 6 days a week. The usual 2 miles one day and 5 miles the following day.
- Eating home cooked meals, and healthy ones at that.
- I am feeling good and looking good :D

Here are the pictures to prove it:

There were fireworks by the Brooklyn Bridge during one of my evening runs last month

Enjoying a tasty spinach salad in Central Park on my lunch break:

Getting a run in while in Florida:

Caught sight of a rainbow during my run today in Harlem:

Putting the work in now to reap the benefits later... stay tuned. :)